The Dutch are a strange people. I married into a Dutch family and let me tell you, it’s been an education.

King peppermints, birthday calendars, Sinterklaas, hempis and dookies…

But when Scott told me that in Holland they celebrate twelve and a half years of marriage (half way to 25) I was all in.

We were married on May first 2004, making the first of this month our 12.5 year anniversary.

Last night we hosted our six closest friends (none of whom were at our actual wedding!) for dinner and celebration.

Having the sound of friendship in my home floating above the candlelight, food and wine, sitting around my kitchen table…well this is my love language. My heart was so happy.

No marriage is easy, and we’ve certainly been through more than one fire…so we were blessed to have our friend Andrew, who also happens to be a rockstar pastor renew our vows with us. 

The choice to marry is wonderful. Elating. But choosing every day to stay. To love. That’s hard work. 

I’m so glad we keep choosing each other. And I’m excited to begin dreaming about what’s ahead. 

The night was perfect. 

Because any reason to celebrate is good.


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