Be Kind

Last week I had one of those “moments” where life speaks up and reminds me to take a look at what really matters.

There I was on the school yard, congregated with all the other kindergarten parents, waiting for our precious little people to come back to us after a day of school.

And there she was. 

A mom, just like me. Waiting for her heart and soul to come through those doors. Except she wasn’t just like me – she was wearing a scarf on her head, because she had no hair. Cancer. 

Freaking cancer.

She was standing with a friend and I could overhear the friend kindly asking her how she was feeling. She gave some bright response and told a joke of some kind and lovely laughter escaped her mouth.

The sight of her bowled me over with emotion. And reminded me, that some things that I put so much value and importance on, simply aren’t that important. 

It also reminded me that I need to teach my little guy to be kind and loving to others. Because some little boy or girl, just like him, has seen their mom, their world, go through hell.

What’s the quote?

Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -Plato 

I needed this reminder. I think we all do. 


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