The Last First

Devon Peters Photography

Eli you have taken me on a ride that I could never have predicted.
From the moment my stomach turned in the seafood isle at the grocery store – alerting me to the fact that I was indeed pregnant – you have been a surprise.

Your conception and birth healed me in a way I didn’t know I needed. Bringing you home just hours after your gentle arrival felt like a dream. 

Then you woke up…and you have basically been awake ever since. 

No really – you tested my patience and instincts from the get go. I’m pretty sure you were 7 months old before I ate dinner while it was hot. You screamed for two hours when I left you with your loving Bubba and you refused to get with “the program” that your older brother had so easily obeyed as a babe.

But it’s ok. Because through it all your smile, cuddles, blue eyes, and obvious love for us made up for every frustrating moment.

Today you are tenacious and curious – often refusing no as an answer. Your are also soft and sweet and always looking for a snuggle and lately a big open mouthed kiss.

You adore Arjen even though you drive each other absolutely crazy. My guess is that this won’t change much over the years.

I look forward to knowing the child, boy, and man God has in mind for you to be. And Dad and I will do our best to nurture and encourage you every step along the way.

Happy Birthday Eli. 

Michlynn Schweitzer Photography



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