Books we Love

If you are like me and you still have Christmas gifts to buy, may I suggest a book?

I love buying books for my little people. So I thought I would round up Arjen’s favourite bedtime books – the ones he pulls from his book box the most – and offer them up as suggestions to add to your  personal library or buy for a special little person in your tribe.

So here it is – Arjen’s favourite books: 


1. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site // There isn’t a better match for a 3 year old boy than construction vehicles. Seriously. The catchy rhythm of this book makes it fun to read and it’s a perfect send off to dreamland. 

2. Dinosaurumpus // Admittedly, we have a dinosaur obsession in our house. But this book is great. Arjen loves to read it with me…finishing the sentences and saying his favourite parts. It’s fun and  repetitive, almost like a catchy song on the radio.

3. Where The Wild Things Are // So, this book is a classic and at first I thought maybe the “wild things” would be kind of scary…but something about this story really resonates with Arjen. Maybe it’s because he is a “wild thing” himself. He really listens to it intently. I didn’t see it right off, but this book is a classic for a reason.

4. I Love You More Than Rainbows // We have been reading this book since birth. It’s sweet. A great book to snuggle with. 

5. Bear Feels Sick // The first time I read this book I was VERY pregnant and emotional…and I cried on the last page. We are a big fan of the “Bear” books in this house but this one is my favourite. A beautiful story about the value and beauty of friendship. I HIGHLY recommend this book.

6. Richard Scarry’s Best WordBook Ever // I remember having this book as a child. It’s not a “story” but is a great book to connect over. Arjen is drawn to the farm & grocery store pages. It’s like the first time every time. 


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