Fostering Creativity

Obviously, I am a creative person. As a child I remember spending hours colouring with that mega package of crayons. Remember it? The one with the built in crayon sharpener?

My sister and I created a Barbie apartment out of an old entertainment unit. Each room decorated with items we could find around the house. We even used those plastic “thingys” that they put inside the pizza box as coffee tables! Our Barbies had it all…

In high school I took art classes over accounting or some other “practical” course.

When I was a teenager and my family moved cities I would spend countless hours decorating my correspondence envelopes to my friends with magazine clippings. 

Making gifts has always thrilled me. Spending the time to make something meaningful for the people in my life.

It’s no surprise that in my professional life I work with my hands. Even most of my closest friendships seem to be with people who also have creative hearts. These people are inspiring and in my opinion generally happier than the population at large.

Creativity, it’s followed me.

As a mom, creativity is something that I strongly desire for my boys. But you know, I don’t need to “teach” my kids how to be creative. We are all born with a desire to create. What I need to do as a mom is nourish and encourage that desire. Make sure it’s fed & watered. I want to inspire them and make them believe in their own creativity. 


It’s funny how with children we fill their shelves with books, paints, crayons, and many different kinds of paper. Every holiday we make “crafts” and add glitter.
Then as early as high school creativity is seen as a choice. Why is it that writing/painting/sculpting/sewing/building/carving/photographing is suddenly viewed as a “pastime”? I often feel that spending time being creative is seen as frivolous or wasteful in the eyes of many.

Isn’t that sad? And wrong. 


Trust me, academics and careers are important. I believe in that too. But not at the cost of a creative heart. And that’s what I want my kids to know. That you don’t have to sacrifice one for another. That, in fact, being creative will only bolster anything else they may want to achieve. 

How do you encourage creativeness in your littles?


*Please note that while these pictures of my little guys and their cousins shows us creating in a retail environment, rest assured you do NOT need to go anywhere special or spend loads of money to be creative. Start where you are with what you have. (All photo credit on this post goes to my sister in law)


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