Let me introduce you to Eli John.

Michlynn Schweitzer Photography

Eli was born on the 25th of March 2015, and I have only recently caught my breath and footing. Holy moly having a second child is a bleary eyed whirlwind.

photo mine
photo mine

People told me that going from one child to two was hard but…wow. That was an understatement. I was so unprepared for the way I would miss my firstborn. Also for the guilt I would feel for not having the time, patience, or strength to love on him. I didn’t know that my husband and I would become “single parents” – Scott taking full care of Arjen and me Eli. Divide and conquer was our mantra.

For the first 8 weeks I was pretty sure we ruined our quiet, scheduled, peaceful life. Not to say I didn’t breathe in every fresh moment of the newborn stage…I just love having that warm bundle lie on my chest. Taking in long draws of their sweet scent.

photo mine
photo mine

That being said, I am happy to report that the fog did clear – each passing week made more sense and we have fallen into our own rhythm.

photo mine

Eli’s birth healed me in many ways. I spent much of the latter 1/2 of my pregnancy mentally preparing for his birth & delivery. Arjen’s birth went from transcendent and blissful to a blood bath horror show in a split second – I didn’t want the memory of that experience to loom over Eli’s arrival. And it didn’t.

Like his brother Eli was 12 days past date. I had to release my hopes for a home birth as we headed to the hospital for induction.

God met us there in the form of my midwife. Truly. She ushered us to a birthing room and told us that she had convinced the OB to allow her 6 hours to get me into labor…and it happened within 30 minutes of my waters being broken. God is good, *he satisfies.

Labor and delivery could not have gone better. I was able to deliver on my own terms, hold my baby immediately and for a long time. That was an indescribable feeling. I missed that with my first, and I prayed that I would get to hold this babe right away. Again, He satisfies.

And now…Eli is almost 4 months old! I honestly forgot how quickly they change. He’s now rolling over, laughing, smiling, responding, and generally adhering to the rhythm of his days.

photo mine

I so look forward to finding out who he  is, what his little personality will be, how he and Arjen will interact.

I know one day these boys will tower over me. I know that they will eat me out of house and home. I know they will shy away when I try to kiss them in the school yard. But I also know that they will always know that their mom & dad love them with all that we are.

Michlynn Schweitzer Photography

*This song from WorshipMob came over my ear buds when I was about a week overdue and feeling desperate. The truth in this song spoke to my heart and lived themselves out in Eli’s arrival. Take a listen, I hope your just as blessed.


2 thoughts on “Eli

  1. Sooooo nice to read your inspired writing again…I’ve missed your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.
    Love, Mum

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