A mothers body remembers her babies – the folds of soft flesh, the softly furred scalp against her nose. Each child has it’s own entreaties to body and soul.
Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible


I just put you to bed, beautiful boy.  Two.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday that you were born – my memory of your arrival is sharp and significant. The weeks that follow it are a bit of a sleep deprived blur.

Your second year has brought just as much change and growth as the first!  Last year at this time you were taking your first brave wobbly steps…now we chase you down the street, over the hills, and through the park.

You have formed little friendships – often asking to spend time with a certain friend or recognizing the place we have arrived…”Launa’s house”!  You love spending time with “friends” and shouting “fun” (!) when you are having a good time – just like your daddy.  But, like your mommy you often ask to go “home” and love to spend time reading or working quietly on a puzzle or with blocks. We so look forward to seeing your little personality grow and unfold.

Animals, music, and the great outdoors are you passions.  You are curious, and smart, a blabbermouth, and also a gentle little spirit.  Annoyingly, you can be meticulous and stubborn – for which I only have myself to blame.

Big changes are in store for you soon – baby brother is on the way.  I believe you will be a wonderful big brother.  I cry as I write this, because I am still unsure of how to share my mommy heart with another…but I know that my love will not be divided but multiplied.  And truly, your brother will know even greater love – because he will have yours as well.

IMG_2489.JPGOur prayer is always that you will forever know and live in God’s amazing love.   We love you so much Arjen, more than words can say.  We strive to live a life that makes that truth plain to you.

Happy Birthday sweet boy.


3 thoughts on “Two

  1. Beautiful dear friend – I was already tearing up before you wrote that you were. 🙂 Oh Two – the ‘terrible twos’ which I don’t believe for a second. Twos are amazing – wonderful – exciting. The independence, understanding, and communication only gets better from here. Thank goodness. 🙂

  2. You don’t know it yet but your beautiful heart will make room for this new little miracle that is sheltered inside you – just wait till you feel your heart grow – so much love surrounds you

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  3. Ah, my dear friend! You speak so well from the heart!! It has been an honor and pleasure getting to know your littlest man this year! We love him too! And he can come to Launa’s house whenever he wants!! 🙂

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