I know, for sure, that 10 years ago we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Truly, how can you ever really know what life is going to send your way?

What we did know, is that we loved each other.  That we were ready to choose each other.  Ready to start life – not as two walking along, but as one.

We have been through much my love.  I am always astounded at your strength of commitment and love.  Thank you for holding onto our vows & seeking God in our lives.  Thank you also for always loving me as your new bride – you have a special way of making me feel loved.

I will love you always.

On a side note, can you all believe that a mere 10 years ago there was no digital photography?  Seriously, our photographs are terrible.  I believe my grandparents photographs are better. Sigh, Arjen will laugh one day looking though them. 


One thought on “ten

  1. So sweet!!! Can you imagine what the next ten will look like?! ;). You two truly amaze me!

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