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I am doing just this today.

Weeks can get busy.  And I know I’m not the only one who seems to add 2 things to the “to do” list every time you scratch one off.  (More on realistic “to do” lists another time…)

Since it’s just me and the little guy today we decided to skip church service this morning (insert gasp of horror here) and spend some slow time together.  Breakfast, jammies, coffees, a morning walk before the neighbourhood decided to get out and enjoy the day.  We even got to have the park all to ourselves for a good 45 minutes!!!

So I just wanted to share a few things before heading back into the easy pace of my day.

Yesterday I was able to go to the Creativ Festival in Toronto with some crafty girlfriends.  This show is always a blast.  Super inspiring and just a great day to break through creative blocks.  If you like to sew, quilt, craft, bead, knit or crochet you must go the next event this fall.

I picked up a few things…want to see???

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The fresh fabrics I got are to make a sweet oversized beach bag for the summer.

The aqua geometric is a canvas by Cloud 9 House Designer & the floral that I will use as the lining is from the Botanique line from Joel Dewberry.  These fabrics I picked up from Fabric Spot – my favorite  Creativ Festival vendor.

FYI Fabric Spot is Canadian and they have free shipping over $100.  Oh man…they have such sweet & fresh fabrics.

I also picked up a new seam ripper – it’s called “Seam Fix”.  Highly recommended for two reasons…it’s sharp AND the rubber ends remove the thread for you and clean up the puncture holes!!!!  I’ve never ben more excited to use a seam ripper.

And finally those little red clips – well, I didn’t get them yesterday but they are my best-loved sewing notion.  My sweet friend over at Pin Pricked Fingers gifted them to me…they are called “Wonder Clips” and they are awesome.  No more lost needles on the floor…and with a toddler underfoot – that’s a good thing;)

Have a blessed day my friends – slow down, breathe deep, and put your face in the sun!


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