Just the other day I texted my girlfriends, “Today I am feeling completely overwhelmed trying to be a loving wife, good mom, successful professional, and keep my house all at the same time.”  To which they respond, “AMEN!”

Then when I sat back and looked at my statement I thought to myself…no wonder I am overwhelmed.  Who could be good at ALL those things simultaneously?  NO ONE.  Certainly not me.

I honestly don’t believe in “having it all”.  At least…not all at once.

Different stages, years, days and even hours of my life require different parts of who I am.

I am learning to give myself some grace.  Grace to not get it all done.  Grace to miss the mark.  Grace to have a dirty floor or go out for an afternoon because I am losing my ever loving mommy mind.

Every day presents different challenges, different needs, and different tasks – and if I tilt toward what is required and let the rest go…really let it go…I hope to find myself less overwhelmed.

This is my gentle reminder to be kind to yourself.



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