Party Time

We’ve had a one year old in the house for two weeks now.

He started walking exactly 1 week after his birthday – he’s so proud of himself.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my sewing machine, getting a start on some Christmas gifts and other projects – it’s been nice but I realized that I didn’t get around to posting a few photos from A’s birthday party.

Here goes…

On his actual birthday, we had two little friends over…mini party.


Saturday morning we had the family for brunch.  I wanted to keep it fairly simple and mostly handmade.

It was awesome.

Arjen loves balloons and his reaction did not disappoint when he woke up to a house covered in them – what fun!


vintage print tablecloth (me), vegan buttercream cake & cupcakes (lovely friend), paper straws (just artifacts), balloons big & small (all full of my hot air), cousin fun, paper streamers (me), “1” water-color (me), felt crown (me)


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