My beautiful boy…

One year ago today.  Love. Unconditional.

You became ours, we became yours.

Today I am celebrating the joyful little boy you are.  So full of wonder and curiosity.  But, also feeling nostalgic for the sleepy bundle of warm baby you were a year ago.

Oh Darling don’t you ever grow up, don’t ever grow up, just stay this little. – Taylor Swift

You are a joy to be with.  Even on more challenging days…hours after you go to bed for the night I say to Dad, “Let’s get him up?”  Just because I miss your smile, your kisses, your soft hair and round little belly.

You have made me more patient, more present, slower, and softer.  And I am better for it.  Thank you.

Right now you are so fun to be around.  You love to drive everything across the floor, to hug & kiss all your toys on the mouth, and to point at EVERYTHING.  When any type of music comes on you stop what you are doing to dance.  You love to be around bigger kids – you observe all that they do very intently, then later try to execute these new skills in the comfort of your own home.  Climbing up & down stairs is a riot.  Your favourite toy is your nesting barrels – occupying you for long stretches of time.  You also love books.  Books, books, books.

If there is one thing Dad & I have learned it’s that God is faithful.  We will do our very best to show you how big and endless God’s love is for you.  Our prayer is that you will always know his love and grace, no matter where this life leads you.

Arjen we are your biggest fans – and we always will be.  Every step, every milestone, every game, every event, every challenge or obstacle you face we WILL be there cheering you on.  We are just busting with pride over every big or little thing you do, that will not change ever.

I love you birthday boy.


photo credits, Michlynn Schweitzer


4 thoughts on “one.

  1. Oh sweetness! Arjen, we promise to pray for you as you grow up to be a man of God. You have a very special mommy and daddy and I KNOW they will stand by you for the long hall. You have blessed so many with your short life story already! Can only imagine what amazing things you will accomplish in your life!! Bless you sweet boy!

    Love: Dave, Rachel, Landon, Kaleb and Launa

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