live simply

In May I wrote about my battle with contentment and how I’m not thrilled with my home.

A number of people directed me to different websites and blog posts about “how to love your home”.

Over and over again they told me to rearrange furniture, buy a new vase, paint a new colour, plant an herb garden,…all great suggestions but somehow fell flat for me at the time.

Then I stumbled upon Slow Your Home.

I found myself clicking clicking clicking and reading many of her posts about simplicity,de-cluttering, and giving yourself a break!

It was just what I needed.

I needed to ditch the comparison mentality that had gripped me and stop thinking that “more” was what I needed.

In reality – it seems that what I really do need, is less.


Less stuff to dust, clean up, wash, dust, organize.  Less commitments to things I really don’t care about.  Less things on my to do list.  Less time spent thinking about how I didn’t do everything on my to do list.

Because having less will give me more…

time, with my family, to write, to rest, to read, to pray…

and freedom, to do the things I WANT to do and not just the things I HAVE to do, to be generous with my resources.

Brooke, the Author of Slow Your Home, has written a book called Destination: Simple.

You can get a synopsis here.

I read it – and I have put many of it’s principles into action in my own life.

I am going to re-read it.

And I thought, maybe I will share with you a bit as I re-read.

I am going to do a “series” about my experiences implementing the rhythms set out in this book.

I think you will like it.

Maybe…you will want to read it yourself!


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