Grey Skies Blue

I had big plans for Canada day.

Scott and I were going to take the little man to the beach for the first time.

When we woke up to grey skies, chilly temperatures, and threatening skies I was bummed.

Fortunately, I married my opposite.  He ignited his positive attitude and turned our day around.

I love you for this babe, thanks for turning my grey skies blue.

Instead of drive over an hour to the beach (yup, this sun lover lives that far from the beach) we decided to go to a nearby conservation area and just make the most of the overcast day we were blessed with.

It was awesome!



It was so great to see A discover sand.  He of course ate it immediately.  Even face planted in it once…no tears.

We may have laughed a good minute before cleaning his face off…his nostrils were full.


I think this mama’s “NO SAND ON MY BEACH BLANKET” days are over.

And you know what…?  That’s fine.

I will do my best to embrace the dirt.  Embrace exploring, discovering, and digging right in.



Toes were dipped…brrr.

He didn’t mind.  I can’t wait to take him again.

I love you my boys.


All in all a great Canada day.


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