Simply, Unplugging

Here is the scene from my kitchen table a number of weeks ago... Baby boy is fast asleep and hubby and I are having a nice quiet dinner. For some reason or another we are discussing how mealtime was always a very sacred family time for each of us growing up. A time for the family … Continue reading Simply, Unplugging


Simply, Single-Tasking

Disclaimer:  I am NOT going to do a book report or summarize each chapter of this book for you but rather give you a glimpse at what I have learned from each chapter. I am a self admitted A type personality. I pride myself on being able to do a million things at the same … Continue reading Simply, Single-Tasking


In May I wrote about my battle with contentment and how I'm not thrilled with my home. A number of people directed me to different websites and blog posts about "how to love your home". Over and over again they told me to rearrange furniture, buy a new vase, paint a new colour, plant an … Continue reading Simply,