Feeding the Creative

Yesterday I had a MUCH needed day out of the house.

My wonderful husband stayed home with the boy and I went shopping!

Two of my beautiful and creative friends and I headed to Toronto to the Creativ Festival!

Fabric. Fabric. Fabric.

There is other stuff too but fabric is what I go for, of course.

What did I find?

How about this retro inspired beauty?


I have in mind to make some pillowcases with it for our bed.

They feel springy and crisp, I like that for my bed linens.

What I was really hunting for all day long was the perfect fabric to make some cloth napkins and placemats for summer.

Here is what I picked up


I want to make 8 napkins, two of each pattern.

I like the mix.

I think it’s really vintage inspired, which I am loving right now.

To back the napkins I got this white solid with a bit of screen texture to it.

The white solid I bought at Fabric Spot (my favorite new vendor this year).


For the placemats I have yet to pick up some base fabric but I got enough of these prints to make a great bias tape edging.


All six of these patterns were bought from Hyggeligt Fabrics

I look forward to showing you the finished project…soon?

I hope!


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