For Arjen.


you are five months old today.

my insides are screaming…”don’t you ever grow up!”

stay little.  snuggle in.

growing does bring about some beautiful moments though…you’re hilarious right now;

endless smiles and giggles, toe touches, rolling from side to side.

the most golden part of my day is when you put both your hands on my face and kiss me open and drooly on the lips.

i desperately want to write down in words how much i love you.


words can’t hold my depth of love.

all fall short.

your strong, your beautiful, you are a joy giver, a light.

i pray that these would always remain.

heart swollen,

i love you.






4 thoughts on “For Arjen.

  1. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts God has given you! We, as grandparents, feel so blessed too! It warms our hearts to see them smile, giggle, and coo every time we visit.
    Cherish the moments every day! They will grow up fast! Happy 5 months, Arjen!

  2. Aww, I totally know how you feel. It only get more amazing, the more they grow and guess what? The open mouthed, drool kisses, NEVER get old!

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