“Do You Recognize That Woman?”

When my son was born I wasn’t able to hold him.

In the moments after his birth I was able to call him by his name, kiss him on the head, and tell him I loved him.

I will spare you the details but his entrance into this world was quick and dramatic.

He needed to be seen by the pediatrician immediately and spend the night in the NICU.

An hour later my husband and I were able to love on him in the NICU…but still unable to hold him in our arms.


That evening I woke up in my hospital bed, tears streaming down my face…

I felt like my heart was burning – I missed my babe.

I headed down to the NICU to see him.

From his bedside I stroked and kissed every inch of his body.

The nurse came over, “Have you held your baby yet?”

Tears welling in my eyes I cried, no.

“Well let’s fix that!”

This vibrant and bubbly woman unhooked all of Arjen’s leads and told me to enjoy.

And oh, I did.

Even now, writing about it I am overcome with the emotion that swept over me in that moment.

Today my husband and  I visited at a new church here in town.

Minutes after entering the sun soaked foyer my husband says to me…“Do you recognize that woman?”

YES!  It’s Arjen’s NICU nurse!

What a wonderful moment.  We approached her and told her that our baby boy, now nearly 3 months old, was under her care the night he was born.  She beamed – immediately wanting to see him.  He gave her endless smiles of thanks.

It didn’t surprise me one bit to find out that this kind, gentle, encouraging, and radiant woman was a woman of God.

What a beautiful moment in so many ways.

I often wondered if her job as a NICU nurse was difficult – dealing with such small and fragile babes.

All the heartache…

But then I suppose there is this side too.  Seeing the babes once under her care big, strong…smiling.

Anyways, it was a beautiful Sunday.

Isn’t it funny, how God knows what we need…to heal, to feel welcome, to lift our spirits, to make us thankful.


8 thoughts on ““Do You Recognize That Woman?”

  1. Oh Stephanie you made me cry. I remember that night and how desperate you were when we visited.How nice that you could see that lovely,thoughtful woman again.

  2. Wow, this was such a special post to read! I can’t imagine how hard it was for you having your sweet little baby whisked away withoout a hug. I am so glad that nurse gave you the pleasure of holding your baby that night. What a special person she is!

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